Please refer to the guides below for help with Moodle. If you can't find the answers here, please see the Key Contacts page in order to identify who best to be in touch with.

Logging into Moodle

Use the login box on the homepage to login to Moodle. 

Your college email address is your username, and you will be given an initial password by the college. When you first log into Moodle you will be asked to change your password.

Once you are logged in, you should see your name in the top right corner of the site. You will see modules, pages and a handbook relevant to your studies.

Login details not working

Please note: Your Moodle username is the same as your college email address, but your password for these two services will not be the same. Make sure you are not trying to use your email password for Moodle or your Moodle password for your email.

If your username and password do not appear to be working and you are unable to change your password yourself, please do be in touch with us.

Finding your way around

To access different parts of Moodle, start by clicking or tapping on the Dashboard page. 

A menu will slide into view, with links to home, to the handbook and to all your modules as well as pages for safeguarding and academic development. Click or tap these links to move to another part of the site.

Finding Programme Details

The Programme section of your Handbook should display the following:

  • Programme overview
  • Pathway
  • Assignment Schedule
  • Timetable(s)

If you cannot see any of these please be in touch with us, indicating your understanding of the programme on which you are enrolled when you do.

Accessing modules

You should be enrolled for all the modules you need for a given academic year. These will be listed in the sliding menu, 

If you notice that something is missing, or that you have something that is not part of your programme for this year, please be in touch. Likewise, for those students who have selected options, and believe they are enrolled on the incorrect modules.

Finding Personal Details

You can see your profile on Moodle by finding your name (and photo) in the top right and clicking View Profile. Here, you will find details such as your student number, programme and so on.

Accessing academic development support

The Academic Development page can be found at the bottom of the sliding menu.

Requesting absences and extensions

These can be requested via the Links menu available on every page of the site. Please allow 5 working days for a response to your request, and note the guidance in the handbook. If you are requesting either an absence or an extension at the very last minute, please follow the submission of your request with a phone call to the London centre.

Accessing Digital Learning Resources

You do not need a separate Moodle ID or password to access the digital learning resources that appear in the Resources menu. By logging into the St Mellitus Moodle you are logging into everything.

Unfortunately, there are times sites will nevertheless ask you for these details, and this is something we cannot do anything about! Please review the guidance in the Handbook on how to avoid this and what to do if it happens to you.

Reviewing Assignment Feedback

You will receive both a mark and some comments on each assignment. To view these, follow the link provided in the notification to the assignment page, click the blue pencil icon and then click View Rubric.

Accessing Preparatory Reading for Modules

If you find you cannot access a piece of preparatory reading, please be in touch with the module leader in the first instance, giving details.

Accessing recorded teaching

St Mellitus often provides recordings of teaching that takes place midweek at the London centre. Recordings are less frequently available following a Teaching Week and welcome available following a Residential event.

Only students enrolled on a module have access to these recordings, They appear alongside each section, and can only be played within the module page. The recordings cannot be downloaded.

Changing routes or options on my pathway

You may decide to undertake a different optional module or combination of modules. If so, please confer with your Formation Group tutor in the first instance before being in touch with the Academic Manager. 

Gaining Guest Access

As a general rule, if you need access to a module, you will be enrolled on it – either as an accredited student or as an auditor. You should not normally need a guest access password, but if you think this is something you require for a particular reason, please be in touch with the module leader.

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